Serramalte Beer

Even those who don't drink, respect.

Serramalte Beer

Serramalte is considered one of the best single-malt beers of Brazil.
For this campaign, AB Inbev had a clear request:
"Serramalte must be proud for being full-bodied, bitter, intense, full flavor". 
With that on mind, we created the concept: Serramalte. Even those who don't drink, respect,
which set the tone for the whole campaign.


// It’s fine if you prefer other beers. After all, Serramalte is bitter, not vengeful.

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// Serramalte is not  a question of taste. It's a question of time.

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// Serramalte is for your taste or not. And that is fine.

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// It’s not your typical beer. But then again, neither are our drinkers.

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// Bitter and bold. Because who tries to please everyone doesn't conquer anyone.

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// The only place you’ll never find a Serramalte drinker is on the fence.


// When you ask for a Serramalte. She delivers.


// Serramalte is not the best-selling beer in Brazil. Nor does it want to be.


// If Serramalte was a football player. He would never play for a tie.


// If they ask you to drink one Serramalte. Don't take literally.

// Nobody as for a serramalte by mistake.

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// A beer that's everything but beige.


// It just takes one sip to recognize its flavor. And then many, many more to feel satisfied. 

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