About me




I’m a Brazilian creative with passion for innovation, entertainment, storytelling, arts and guess what? Advertising.

I started my career 13 years ago in the Northeast of Brazil, a region where the landscapes are better than the advertising opportunities. So, I decided to move to São Paulo. My whole family asked me Why?! and I could only answer Why not?

Luckily, I had good mentors who then became great friends. And, faster than I could ever imagine, I was working at Africa DDB Brazil – where I won my first lion.

In 2015, I accepted an offer from Impact BBDO Dubai. I was excited. My mom was questioning my sanity. There, I worked as a Senior Art Director / Associate Creative Director, leading creative campaigns for brands like Pepsi, Snickers, 7UP, KFC and Johnson & Johnson. And won my second lion.

When I was about to buy a camel, life brought me back to Brazil. Luckily (again), I had the chance to restart at the legendary DM9DDB, where I worked on McDonald’s and Itaú Bank for almost two years.

That was followed by a super cool gig at Leo Burnett Brazil, as the main art director for Fiat. Six months later, I was having lots of fun, until I got one of those emails that you can't say no to. It was time to pack again!

So, in March 2019, I joined Mullen Lowe U.S. as an Associate Creative Director for Rexona and Burger King. Well, let’s see what these guys from Boston Celtics are made of.

My main goal is to make remarkable work with nice people, especially if they love crafting as much as I do. I strongly believe that great ideas can come to life if you put all your heart and hard work into them.

Feel that we should talk? Let’s do it.

Recent awards


Clio (Film) - Bronze
B&W Report - Top 10 ACDs in the Middle East / North Africa
Ranked 5th art director in Brazil by Lürzer’s Archive
Brazilian Creative Club (Poster) - Shortlist
Lürzer's Archive (8 ads) - 3/2018
Lürzer's Archive (8 ads) - 4/2018
Lürzer's Archive (14 ads) - 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide


Cannes Lions (Film) - Shortlist
MENA Cristal (Film) - Gold
MENA Cristal (Film Craft) - Gold
MENA Cristal (Film Craft) - Silver
MENA Cristal (Branded Content) - Bronze
Dubai Lynx (Film) - Shortlist
Dubai Lynx (Film Craft) - Shortlist
Dubai Lynx (Film Craft) - Shortlist
Dubai Lynx (Branded Content) - Shortlist
Loeries (Film Craft) - Certificate
Loeries (Film Craft) - Finalist
Loeries (Film Craft) - Finalist
Loeries (Film) - Finalist
Loeries (Live Activations) - Finalist
Loeries (PR) - Finalist


Cannes Lions (Radio) - Bronze
Lusos Awards (Promo & Activation) - Silver
Lusos Awards (Media) - Silver
Lusos Awards (Graphic Design) - Silver
Brazilian Creative Club (Direct) - Shortlist


Cannes Lions (Outdoor) - Bronze
Cannes Lions (Design) - Shortlist
Cannes Lions (Media) - Shortlist
Clio (Outdoor) - Bronze
El Ojo (Outdoor) - Silver
Cristal Festival (Outdoor) - Bronze
Wave Festival (Green Wave) - Bronze
Lusos Awards (Promo & Activation) - Shortlist